Maryland’s largest school district reports 582% increase in gender nonconforming students

According to new data, a public school district in the United States has seen an increase of over 500% in children identifying as gender nonconforming within a period of only few years.

New data that was released last Thursday by an employee in the school district showed that Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), the largest district in Maryland, has seen a 582% increase since 2019 of children identifying as something other than their biological sex.

“This isn’t data that the outside world has seen before,” conservative activist Bethany Mandel said in an interview with The Daily Caller. “It was accidentally shared and is incredibly illuminating.”

The data was released on Twitter by the vice principal of one of the district’s schools. The post included pictures from a presentation at a meeting of a “Pride Alliance” group and a picture of a chart containing data on the number of children between 2019-2022 who consider themselves gender nonconforming.