Just as the Deep State Wanted, Steve Stockman Is Infected with COVID-19

Some evil people in the U.S. justice system are smiling right now.

They got their wish.

Conservative champion former Congressman Steve Stockman is in the federal prison in Beaumont, Texas, and against all logic and human decency has been kept for months from being transferred to home confinement by someone “high up.”

Now, Steve is infected with COVID-19.

It is apparent that some people in the justice system want him dead.

What has happened to Steve must be investigated, and the culprits in the justice system and their abettors in the Bureau of Prisons exposed and punished.

Steve is the only over-60 diabetic prisoner remaining at the Beaumont, Texas federal prison facility, which also has reported the highest per capita COVID-19 infection rate of any prison in the country.

Steve’s age (63), multiple co-morbidities (diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, asthma, and more), and the nonviolent, non-sexual nature of his conviction clearly make him eligible for transfer to home detention.

Steve has filed and even re-filed the papers for compassionate transfer to home confinement for at-risk prisoners, including a petition for “Compassionate Release” he filed with Warden F. J. Garrido on April 4. 

Steve was told on April 23 he’d be placed in pre-release quarantine, but was then turned away at the door by prison staff on April 24.

Soon after, and one more time since then, Steve was told by prison officials he will not be leaving on orders from “very high up.”

On July 13 Steve filed a Request for Administrative Remedy, which was denied on July 17 by Warden Garrido, incorrectly stating Steve “must” serve 50 percent of his time to be eligible. Time served, however, is only one factor of many that may be considered, and it is not a mandatory directive as the Warden incorrectly says it is.

Warden Garrido’s letter also said that a “Home Confinement Committee” -- whatever that is -- reviewed Steve’s case and denied his request. 

Steve has been clearly eligible for compassionate release or transfer to home detention like over 100,000 inmates in the United State have been.

The Deep State wanted him dead even before the outbreak of COVID-19. Last August, convicted murderer Kenny Don Stanley, known for prison violence, was inserted into a solitary confinement cell with Steve.

Orders from the top to keep Steve from going to home confinement are consistent with the political, Deep State targeting he has experienced since even before his conviction.

After three grand juries refused to indict Steve, the charges on which a fourth grand jury indicted him involved campaign finance and fundraising from two wealthy Republican donors, neither of whom filed complaints, and which charges have been criticized by even campaign finance lawyers as being flimsy and contrary to legal precedent.

Steve’s associates who testified against him later complained they were coerced under threat of imprisonment themselves to adopt the prosecution’s untrue version of events.

Writing in The Washington Times about Steve’s political prosecution, Rebecca Hagelin explained in 2019:

The 2018 criminal trial of Stockman has laid bare the underbelly of political targeting by the Obama administration’s Department of Justice. As a congressman, Stockman had exposed many instances of high-level corruption by Obama officials. His ability to chase down and hold accountable Obama officials is legendary. Stockman called for the impeachment of Attorney General Eric H. Holder for obstruction of justice and contempt of Congress.

Former prosecutor Rachel Alexander writing in 2018 at Townhall.com also about Steve’s political prosecution said:

[Steve] was known for boldly opposing President Obama. He was a Congressional whistleblower on Obama administration corruption, with such actions as calling for the House Select Committee to investigate the government's handling of the Benghazi embassy tragedy of lost American lives, exposing President Obama’s payment to the Haqqani terrorist network in exchange for the release of Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl, and revealing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s violation of the Iran sanctions to allow the sale to Iran of specialized steel used in nuclear weaponry.

Super lawyer Sidney Powell, who represents General Michael Flynn, is quoted by Michael Tennant in 2020 at The New American: “It is highly likely [the Justice Department Public Integrity Section] targeted former Congressman Stockman and have been extremely and unreasonably harsh toward him because he was so outspoken in trying to hold Lois Lerner, the Clintons, and Obama accountable.”

As reported by Newsweek in 2015, Steve helped expose then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s role in a corrupt Iranian pipeline deal she approved after a Ukrainian billionaire pipeline company owner made multi-million dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Steve made enemies in the Deep State. Their colleagues in the Bureau of Prisons are killing him.

The Deep State has acted lawlessly by spying on the Trump campaign and reporters such as Sharyl Attkisson, framing General Michael Flynn, and who knows what else for devious political reasons.

Now, in their ultimate depravity and lawlessness, they are attempting to knock off Steve Stockman.