Joe Biden and Jen Psaki Attack Erik Prince and Blackwater for Not Rescuing Stranded Civilians for Free After Their Botched Withdrawal – Prince Reminds Biden of the Time He Saved His Life

Kabul, Afghanistan by matt brown is licensed under
Several thousand Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan following the siege of Kabul by the Taliban and the withdrawal of US troops by Joe Biden.

Biden withdrew US troops, shut down Bagram Air Force Base, left $85 billion worth a military arms to the Taliban and stranded thousands of Americans inside the country.

And now Joe Biden is taking orders from the Taliban and has promised to leave the country to the terror group by August 31 even if all Americans are not rescued by then.

Private contractors are now being hired to rescue Westerners following Joe Biden’s dangerous and reckless policies.
Kabul, Afghanistan by matt brown is licensed under