Isaias clears North Carolina, moves into Virginia, Maryland as hurricane status is downgraded

Hurricane by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is licensed under Flickr CC BY 2.0
Isaias arrived in North Carolina late Monday night, reaching Ocean Isle Beach in Brunswick County as a Category One hurricane, brining winds up to 85 MPH before moving into Virginia around dawn and being downgraded from its hurricane status. 

The National Hurricane Center tracked Isaias just east of Richmond, Virginia, around 7:30 this morning. At the time, the storm was moving at 33 miles per hour. The storm is currently making its way through Maryland.

By this afternoon, around 2 p.m., the storm is expected to be in Philadelphia and will then move into New Jersey and New York. 

At least one person in North Carolina was killed by a tornado that was the result of Isaias. Statewide damage calculations are still being tallied. Roy Cooper, the Governor of North Carolina, told "Good Morning America" hosts on Tuesday, "All in all, this storm got in, gout out pretty quickly."