How Biden is hammering your 401k: Soaring inflation has wiped $2.1 TRILLION - an average of 25% - off American workers' retirement savings

Inflation has taken an average of 25 percent - at least $2.1trillion - off the 401Ks of American workers, despite President Joe Biden's insistence Sunday that the 'economy is strong as hell.'

The analysis was done by conservative economists Stephen Moore and EJ Antoni, who said that the balance of Americans' 401ks will 'ruin your whole day, week and month.' 

Moore and Antoni note that inflation has been going at 8 percent for the past seven months, despite the White House claiming things were temporary. 

They argued that over the past 20 months, the average American family has lost nearly $6,000 in 'purchasing power' due to the rise in prices over wages. 

Joe Biden by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0