Hillary, Chelsea to start film company

Smug Hillary by AntiArtFoundry is licensed under N/A
Sure, the Obamas had their deal with Netflix and Al Gore had “An Inconvenient Truth.” Beyond that, however, it’s usually media figures who enter politics, not the other way around.

But now that Hillary Rodham Clinton is neither holding higher office nor running for it, it looks like she and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, are giving it a go in Tinseltown.

The mother and daughter are reportedly looking to start their own film and television production company revolving around women’s stories.

“The two have spoken to studios about financing a pipeline of programs, said people familiar with the matter. They would give a studio first crack at releasing the projects, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the discussions are at an early stage,” Bloomberg reported Thursday.
Smug Hillary by AntiArtFoundry is licensed under N/A