Highlights From The First Night Of The Democratic Convention

DNC Michelle Obama by N/A is licensed under YouTube
The first night of the Democratic National Convention included long pauses and gaps between segments, regretful Republicans, and Bernie Sanders saying Biden has become more progressive.

The Daily Caller combined clips of the ceremony, which was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic, into a video of the highs and lows of the opening night of the convention.

Speakers at the virtual convention included those announced, like Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and former Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich, as well as other individuals who described themselves as life-long and former Republicans but now endorse the Democratic ticket.

Former first lady Michelle Obama urged voters to participate in the coming general election in her keynote address. “Four years ago, too many people chose to believe that their votes didn’t matter … whatever the reason, in the end, those choices sent someone to the Oval Office who lost the national popular vote by nearly three million votes.”
DNC Michelle Obama by N/A is licensed under YouTube