Heckler Interrupts Clinton Book Tour

Bill Clinton screen shot by N/A is licensed under N/A
The Clinton Book Tour has officially resumed, and it appears that it is destined for as much success in its second half as it enjoyed in its first — that is, none — and now it's attracted hecklers.

Thursday evening, Bll and Hillary Clinton appeared for the fist time in the second leg of their joint tour, in a "conversation with Paul Begala" at the Beacon Theater on New York City's Upper West Side. They've been on hiatus since calling off their series of joint story-tellng events late last year, officially because of the death of former President George H. W. Bush and an ensuing illness, but more likely because ticket sales had tanked, seats were being left empty, and the events were paling in comparison to those in a parallel book tour hosted for former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The second leg is starting out as badly as the first. The Huffington Post reports that the event at the Beacon Theater had seats that "remained noticeably empty throughout the night," despite the event's cut-rate price of only $100 for the cheap seats. The New York Post snagged their balcony seat for $210, much more than the same seats were selling on resale sites the day of.

The night featured a lot of softball questions, reportedly, but no mention of President Donald Trump or the disastrous 2016 presidential election. But if the crowd was bored by discussing issues from the mid-1990s, they were quickly energized by a heckler, who pointed out that the Clintons had long lost their shine.
Bill Clinton screen shot by N/A is licensed under N/A