Georgia Showdown: Senate Control on the Line in Runoff Battles

Trump holds rally in Georgia by Fox News is licensed under YouTube

A corporate turnaround artist and free marketeer who vows to “stop the Left’s radical, socialist agenda,” or a liberal journalist and film company CEO who says “Georgia is ready for change.”

A conservative farmgirl turned Wall Street executive who deems her campaign a “firewall against socialism,” or a “pro-choice pastor” with a penchant for promoting left-wing activism from the pulpit of the Atlanta church where Martin Luther King Jr. used to preach.

Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler or Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock: Those are the choices in front of Georgia voters when they head to the polls Tuesday for the state’s runoff U.S. Senate election. Ostensibly Georgia voters will be picking their state’s representation in Washington, D.C., but as anyone with a basic understanding of national politics knows, these races are about much more than that. Georgia voters aren’t just choosing two senators, they’re choosing which party will control the U.S. Senate for at least two years.

More than 3 million Georgians have already voted early in the runoffs, either in person or by mail. Election Day turnout will likely be the key to determining the direction of the country.

Trump holds rally in Georgia by Fox News is licensed under YouTube