Scheming in the Oval Office

Michael Flynn by N/A is licensed under N/A N/A
The Department of Justice announced Friday it was dropping the investigation into former National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn. On Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Flynn’s attorney gave some shocking insight into why the case may have been dropped. Flynn’s lead attorney, Sidney Powell said of the FBI’s tactics, “these agents specifically schemed and planned with each other how to not tip him off, that he was even the person being investigated.”

Fox News reports that Flynn had initially pleaded guilty to providing a false statement to the FBI regarding his contact with a Russian ambassador, but later changed his story and pushed by back questioning the FBI’s tactics.” In her interview, Powell added, “so they kept him relaxed and unguarded deliberately as part of their effort to set him up and frame him.” Therefore, not only did they not alert Flynn they were investigating him, it created an opportunity to not warn him that “it would be a federal crime to lie during their conversation” according to Fox News.