Ex-border chiefs hit ‘shameful’ record 2.7M illegal crossings under Biden

The Biden administration, in a belated and late Friday night move, revealed illegal immigration attempts broke another record in September, as encounters with immigrants rushing the border are more than four times higher than under former President Donald Trump.

In revealing the numbers, immigration officials also said that so-called “got-aways,” or those who slipped in without being caught, reached 1 million under President Joe Biden.

Key former border officials were quick to hit the administration and warn that the crisis will worsen because immigrants view the United States as weak.

“As bad as it has gotten, things will only get worse, and I fear what major catastrophe could come next. But make no mistake — responsibility for what has happened, and what will happen, lies squarely with this administration,” said Mark Morgan, the former acting Customs and Border Patrol commissioner and a visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation.