Dem. Secretary of State caught allowing hundred of Californians to vote twice

Alex Padilla by Naleo Educational Fund is licensed under Flickr n/a
It’s not uncommon for a state-level political candidate to push “voter access” and “election integrity” as cornerstones of his or her campaign.

One liberal California politician not only failed to uphold his promise, he’s grossly ignoring a gaping flaw in the system that allows some residents to vote for their favorite candidates twice.

According to Daniel Borenstein with The Mercury News, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla is taking heavy flak for not correcting a serious issue in several counties that has resulted in hundreds of voters being able to cast two votes at the polls.

Since it’s not uncommon in this period of American history for election determinations to come down to a few votes, this is a complete mess that very well could have serious implications for future state and national elections.