Conservatives Will Not Forgive Senate for Buckling on Impeachment

Murkowski by N/A is licensed under IHS Public Domain
The spectacle Thursday of the Senate swearing in Chief Justice John Roberts, and the Senators fraudulently swearing that they would deliver impartial justice, brought home the fact that the impeachment of President Donald Trump is very real.

Democrats are proposing not only to reverse the will of the voters in November 2016 — an election whose outcome they have never accepted — but also to “interfere” in the November 2020 election, stamping the president with the scarlet “I.”

To hear Republicans take all of this seriously — debating witnesses and the like — is infuriating. Why should Democrats be able to call a single witness after denied Republicans the ability to call any witnesses of their own in the House inquiry?

Why should Democrats be able to introduce new testimony, and new “factual” claims — from shady characters facing criminal indictment, no less — when Republicans were prevented from calling the original accuser, the “whistleblower”?