Biden to look for 'much more' funding to develop new Covid vaccines

On Tuesday, the Biden admin is set to gather top government officials, scientists, and pharmaceutical executives to discuss how best to go about developing new vaccines for Covid.

The first round of vaccines, while touted as preventing as preventing infection and spread of Covid, turned out to do neither. As a result, governments have encouraged people to get increasing numbers of booster shots to counteract waning efficacy.

In an interview with STAT, White House Covid-19 response coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha outlined the administration's strategy.
He explained that the next generation of vaccines would be "far more durable," than the previous, and would "provide far longer-lasting protection, no matter what the virus does or how it evolves."

"If we can drive down infections by 90% … Covid really begins to fade into the background," he said, "and becomes just one more respiratory illness that we have to deal with."