Biden Stammers as Kamala Eats Him Alive

Worried Joe by Ancho is licensed under Flickr Public Domain
Biden revealed at a private fundraising event that Eastland 'didn't call me boy,' and said of their time in the Senate: 'At least there was some civility.'

Harris confronted Biden about the remarks and his stance in the '70s against busing encourage racial integration in schools – he worked with the two segregationists to try to prevent federal imposition of the policy.

She told him, 'I do not believe you are a racist. And I agree with you, when you commit yourself to the importance of finding common ground.

'But I also believe – and it’s personal, and I was actually very – it was hurtful, to hear you talk about the reputations of two United States senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country,' she said.