Biden could turn 3 million to 4 million gun owners into felons

Gun Owner by STNGR Industries is licensed under Unsplash

President Joe Biden’s abrupt move to regulate one of America’s most popular firearms for plinkers and hunters could turn up to 4 million owners into felons overnight.

Among the six initiatives he is taking in executive actions, Biden is ordering the Justice Department to regulate AR-15-style pistols, the current rage with buyers.

While they can be purchased like longer rifle versions after an FBI background check, AR pistols could soon be subject to a $200 tax and require approval by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, a process that already takes nearly a year.

The difference between the two firearms is a “pistol brace” used in the shorter-barreled gun that is for stabilizing the weapon when used like a pistol. It can also be used as a rifle butt stock, thus making it similar to a short-barreled rifle regulated by the Prohibition-era National Firearms Act and subject to the tax. Critics call the pistol brace a loophole.

Gun Owner by STNGR Industries is licensed under Unsplash