Beirut Explosion Death Toll Skyrockets As Thousands Injured, 300,000+ Left Homeless

Beirut by Sebastian Baryli is licensed under CC BY 2.0
At least 100 people have officially been reported to have died in the massive explosion that rocked Beirut yesterday, with that number expected to rise significantly higher, as thousands have been left injured and far more have been left homeless.

“The Governor of Beirut has said that 300,000 people have been left homeless after an enormous explosion tore across the city, killing at least a hundred people and wounding thousands,” The Telegraph reported. “Marwan Abboud added that around half of the city had been damaged by the explosion, amid warnings that the death toll was likely to raise far beyond 100, with many victims still trapped under rubble. … At least 4,000 people were wounded, overwhelming hospitals.”

Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi said that blast was likely triggered by nearly 6 million pounds of ammonium nitrate, a chemical that is commonly used in fertilizer and bombs made by terrorists.

“Dozens of nearby buildings collapsed or were severely damaged, imagery from the aftermath showed,” The New York Times reported. “The second of the two blasts could be heard in Cyprus, more than 100 miles away. Broken glass and debris could be seen two miles away, encompassing an area where more than 750,000 people live.”
Beirut by Sebastian Baryli is licensed under CC BY 2.0