America Won’t Trust Elections Until The Voter Fraud Is Investigated

Ballots by New Jersey National Guard is licensed under Public Domain Mark 1.0

We should not be surprised at what a mess this election has become, not only because of the uncompromising nature of our current politics, but also because of the warnings we received well beforehand. President Trump has been bringing up voter fraud long before Nov. 3, and the left had been weirdly insistent that he accept the results without double-checking the entire time.

Afterward, of course, the evidence for that fraud is rapidly piling up. There has been eyewitness testimony about falsifying the postmarks on late mail-in ballots. Election observers were being harassed and kept away from the counting tables in Detroit. Software glitches have been discovered switching votes from Trump to Joe Biden in Michigan, and the same software is being used in other battleground states.

There have been statistical anomalies like 90 percent voter turnout in Wisconsin and bizarre late-night vote spikes for Biden in several states. All of this evidence and more strongly suggest the Democrats and their media allies are indeed attempting to steal the election.

Despite this evidence of voter fraud, it’s not hard to find a gaggle of politicians and news organizations claiming that it doesn’t exist. So what are we to make of the many and varied claims that all of this publicly available evidence doesn’t actually exist?

Ballots by New Jersey National Guard is licensed under Public Domain Mark 1.0