Amazon Will Monitor Warehouse Workers with AI ‘Distance Assistants’

Amazon by thisisbossi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Amazon is deploying AI known as “distance assistants,” which will warn the company’s warehouse workers if they get too close to their co-workers as the company continues its battle against the Chinese virus.

The new era of the Chinese virus comes with new AI technology, as people now apparently need machines to help them behave in a less “natural” manner, according to the vice president of Amazon Robotics, Brad Porter, who published a blog post on Tuesday.

“Given social distancing isn’t always natural, this team set out to use augmented reality to create a magic-mirror-like tool that helps associates see their physical distancing from others,” wrote Porter.

Amazon’s new AI, dubbed the “Distance Assistant,” uses machine learning models to differentiate people from their surroundings, combined with depth sensors and an AI-enabled camera to track an employee’s movements and give them feedback in real time, letting them know if they are violating the suggested “social distancing” guidelines
Amazon by thisisbossi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0