Sharpton has tax warrants out for HOW much?

  • 05/04/2017
  • Press Corp
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MSNBC hates millionaires who refuse to pay their taxes.

Unless they're on the payroll.

Three top MSNBC employees owe nearly a million dollars in unpaid taxes, according to tax warrants issued against them, The Daily Caller reports.

Reporter Joy-Ann Reid still owes $5,000.00 on a warrant issued last year.

Host Melissa Harris-Perry, a vocal critic of the rich, was slapped with $70,000.00 in leins for unpaid federal taxes, which fund the social programs she claims to support.

But the title of Deadbeat King is still held by millionaire Al Sharpton.

Sharpton owes nearly $600,000.00 in just two warrants issued by the state of New York.

Sorry, Mr. Tax Man.  If you're waiting for Al Sharpton to pay you money he owes, get in line behind several libeled police officers.

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