ACLU Shifts Mission Toward Advancing ‘Racial Justice’ Policies, Including Reparations

No Justice Sign by Clay Banks is licensed under Unsplash

The American Civil Liberties Union is set to announce Monday that it is shifting toward advocating for an aggressive racial justice agenda, including a push for reparations, according to a new report.

The group, which has traditionally worked to defend free speech, will pursue a “Systemic Equality agenda” that includes a demand to pass legislation sponsored by Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D., Texas) that would fund a commission to study proposals on reparations for African Americans, according to Axios.

The 101-year-old nonprofit is pledging to invest up to $40 million to expand its staffing in the South to “fight systemic racism in the former Confederacy,” the report says.

“We can begin to unlock the potential that is in some of these states, and begin to create the political environment that is much more conducive for racial justice and civil rights and civil liberties. You can change the national map,” said Anthony D. Romero, who has served as ACLU’s executive director for 20 years.

No Justice Sign by Clay Banks is licensed under Unsplash