‘A Huge Military Disadvantage’: Congressman Writes USMC General, Requests Disclosure Over Vaccine-Related Troop Dismissals

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How is the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for troops affecting the strength and readiness of the Marine Corps? 

That’s a question too few people are asking following President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, but one lawmaker posed that question in a letter to the Commandant of the United States Marine Corp (USMC) on Tuesday.

Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) shared his concerns about the vaccine mandate for Marines in a letter to General David H. Berge. 

“On top of the unconstitutionality of President Biden’s vaccine mandate, this has serious implications for our force readiness,” Mast wrote.  “Separating hundreds – and potentially thousands – of Marines for exercising their rights can put the United States at a huge military disadvantage.” 
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