9 Ways Joe Biden Has Already Broken His Promise on Unity

Joe Biden by GPA Photo Archive is licensed under Public Domain Mark 1.0

President Joe Biden made Unity™ the theme of his Inaugural Address. He mentioned the word “unity” no fewer than eight times. That is the standard to which his administration must be held — and it is a test that Biden is already failing to meet. (The other theme was Truth™ — a promise broken hours later, when Press Secretary Jen Psaki lied about the “Muslim ban.”)

In December, I suggested nine ways Biden could demonstrate a commitment to unity. Here are nine ways he has failed:

  1. Impeachment. Biden could put a stop to Democrats’ foolish and divisive impeachment effort, which seeks to hold a trial for former President Donald Trump even though he is no longer in office. Some experts say that such a trial would violate the Constitution. But even if it did not, the article of impeachment ignores the fact that the Capitol riot was pre-planned by extremists and did not result from Trump’s speech. All it will do is let Democrats carry out political revenge.
  2. Smearing opposition as racist. Biden claimed in his Inaugural that Americans were divided because of “racism, nativism, fear, and demonization.” He did not mention any of the left-wing forces that divide us, such as the anarchist rioters of Antifa, the “democratic socialists” of the Squad, or the “cancel culture” in general. Hours later, Antifa — which Biden had dismissed during the campaign as just “an idea” — attacked Democratic Party headquarters in Portland.
  3. Supporting the “cancel culture.” In his speech, Biden supported what he called the “right to dissent peaceably,” but he also attacked what he called “[l]ies told for power and for profit,” calling on Americans to “to defend the truth and to defeat the lies.” As Biden knows — since he pushed for it — there is an ongoing attempt to censor conservatives on social media and in general, on the faulty pretext that they are guilty of misinformation. His attack on “lies” supports that effort.
Joe Biden by GPA Photo Archive is licensed under Public Domain Mark 1.0