6 Quick Takeaways From The First Night Of The Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention had a better first night than the Democratic National Convention had any night last week. Here are six quick takeaways.

1. DNC’s Problem Was Not That It Was Virtual
Last week’s Democratic National Convention was barely watchable. People assumed that was because the Chinese coronavirus forced the convention to be held virtually. But the Republican National Convention is also being held virtually, and it was fully of energy and excitement that was completely lacking at the Democratic convention.

Democrats had celebrity hosts, celebrity appearances, and all the talent of the generally liberal media to work with, yet their convention was an absolute grind to get through. Last night, Republicans moved along at a clipped pace, featured genuinely compelling stories, and the speeches drew contrasts with political opponents.

While some Republican speeches were markedly better than others, the only speech that didn’t land was attorney and television personality Kimberly Guilfoyle’s, which was shouted. Her speech would have benefited dramatically from a live audience.