Biden says he will drop out of presidential race if 'medical condition' emerges

“If I had some medical condition that emerged, if somebody, if doctors came to me and said, you got this problem and that problem,” Biden sai

Local police warned Secret Service they 'did not have enough manpower' to secure building from which gunman fired at Trump: Report

Officials are still trying to explain the security lapse that led to the shooting of Trump.

US Reportedly Received Intel Of Iranian Plot To Assassinate Trump

U.S. authorities reportedly received intelligence ahead of an assassination attempt against former President Donald Trump over the weekend th

Jack Black cancels Tenacious D tour after bandmate says post-shooting, 'Don’t miss Trump next time'

"I would never condone hate speech or encourage political violence in any form," Black wrote on social media

Secret Service blames local police after Trump assassination attempt

After the assassination attempt on Donald Trump over the weekend, the US Secret Service (USSS) placed blame on local law enforcement for fail

NBC Corrects Erroneous Poll Report That Showed Biden Lead

NBC removed polling documents that erroneously reported that President Joe Biden led former President Donald Trump in the race for the presid

Joe Biden calls Kamala ‘Vice President Trump’ in flub-filled ‘big boy’ press conference

After President Joe Biden arrived over two hours late to his evening presser on Thursday, he called Kamala Harris "Vice President Trump."

‘What The Hell Are You Doing?’: Watch Jen Psaki’s Face As Dem Strategist Blows Fuse Over Biden’s Mental Fitness

MSNBC host Jen Psaki appeared to be baffled as Democratic strategist Basil Smikle blew a fuse over the president’s mental fitness Thursday.

GOP's SAVE Act passes House, now heads to Senate for uncertain fate

Will vulnerable Senate Democrats break away from their party?

Whitmer Admits She Didn’t Actually Watch Biden’s Disastrous Debate After Defending Him: ‘I’ve Seen Clips’

After ardently defending President Joe Biden in the wake of his disastrous performance against Donald Trump on the debate stage, Michigan Dem

Trump backs Anna Paulina Luna's motion to hold Merrick Garland in 'inherent contempt'

“I AGREE with Anna Paulina Luna and the many House Members who think Merrick Garland should be held in INHERENT CONTEMPT for refusing to rele

Texas officials slam Biden's attempt to politicize Beryl, call his suggestion a 'complete lie'

Gov. Greg Abbott suggested Biden's memory may have betrayed him yet again.

AOC, two other 'Squad' members back Biden

Ocasio-Cortez said she spoke with the president "extensively" and supports him staying in the race.

Why Requiring Women To Register For Military Service Will Destroy American Families

If American women 18 and up are required to register for the military draft, it will be the linchpin to the dismantling of America. As the fi

Ex-CNN Analyst Says Biden Likely Not Taking Cognitive Test Because Of ‘Fear’ Over What It ‘Might Find’

Cillizza said a plausible reason for Biden's unwillingness to take a cognitive test is that he and his team are afraid of what the results co

Elon Musk BLASTS Dem opposition to preventing illegal immigrants from voting in election

“The goal all along has been to import as many illegal voters as possible.”

Trump’s rise as a TikTok sensation silences the app’s critics

No president — not Biden or Trump — should have the power to infringe on free speech by banning a social media app he doesn’t like.

‘Hawk Tuah Girl’ is as repulsive and problematic as Pride parades

The consequences of celebrating promiscuity are clear: fatherless children, drag queen story hour, and Pride parades. These problems won’t go

Joe Biden vows to stay in race, tells staffers 'no one is pushing me out'

President Biden reportedly told his staff on a call Wednesday that he does not have any intention of dropping out of the 2024 presidential ra