This college liberal claimed to be the victim of a hate crime. So, obviously...

  • 05/16/2017
  • Press Corp

If it weren't for liberals faking hate crimes, hate crimes would almost cease to exist.

When an University of Iowa student claimed he was beaten by a mob of white supremacists, it touched off campus-wide protests by perpetually offended special snowflakes, all of whom claimed their lives were in dangers.

But reality has a way of mocking liberalism.

A savage hate crime at the University of Iowa that sent shockwaves across campus turned out to be just another hoax, police said Tuesday.

The case of Marcus Owens caused a deluge of outrage when it first emerged in early May. Owens claimed on the night of April 30 he was attacked, out of nowhere and without provocation, by three white college-age men, who beat him bloody while screaming racial slurs and landed him in the hospital.

Activist students claimed the attack showed a climate of racial hatred in Iowa City, and they also denounced the university for taking until May 4 to issue a statement about the matter.

“How many black students must be a victim of a hate crime before an alert is sent out,” one student complained online at the time.

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