Obama spending tax dollars teaching refugees to build drones

  • 05/24/2017
  • Press Corp

Is this Obama's worst idea, or his worst idea ever?

With just eight months left in his presidency, Obama has finally decided to focus on creating jobs.

But not for Americans.

His administration is spending taxpayer dollars teaching Middle Eastern refugees how to build drones.

Not just any Middle Eastern refugees, but the younger age group most likely to join terrorist cells.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Department of Labor has awarded Utica, New York, $2 million to teach young refugees how to build drones as part of a summer jobs program.

About 400 teenage refugee students living in the city will get part-time summer jobs through the program, as well as tutoring in English and Math. Those who demonstrate academic competence will then take part in a year-long drone building challenge during the school year, as the work and tutoring continues...

...“The prime focus will be refugee youth in the city,” the grant application abstract reads. “About 1 in 6 Uticans is a refugee from another nation. State data shows this group has the highest dropout rate, lowest college-ready rate in the city.”

Read more at The Daily Caller.

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