WATCH: Senator Hawley Blasts DHS Head For Allowing “Child Slavery”

During another Senate hearing on the border crisis Wednesday, GOP Senator Josh Hawley slammed Department of Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas and charged that he is allowing child slavery to thrive among migrant communities within the U.S.

“I tell you what I’m tired of,” Hawley noted, continuing “I’ve had Secretary Mayorkas sit in front of me in a different committee, the Homeland Security Committee, where I asked him at length about the outrage of 250,000 migrant children, unaccompanied, crossing the border in the last two years and tens of thousands of them being sold into slavery.”

“Let’s not mince words: they’ve been sold into slavery. When kids are being put into factories, forced to work overnight, forced to work in terrible conditions, they’re not getting paid, they’re not going to school, sometimes they’re not getting fed, that’s slavery,” Hawley further urged.

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