WATCH: Fox News Host Makes Stunning Admission About Biden's Rage-Fueled Tantrums

A Fox News host admitted on Monday that she was “turned on” by reports that President Joe Biden yells and curses at his staff.

Fox News Host Lisa Kennedy said that Biden screaming obscenities at his staff is “a quirk” and admitted it turned her on during an episode of “Outnumbered” on Monday. Kennedy’s comments came during a panel discussion about an Axios report that said that Biden goes on rage-fueled tantrums inside the White House, some of which are reportedly so intense that staff avoid having private meetings with him entirely. (RELATED: Fox Abruptly Cuts To Commercial As Hosts Point Outside Studio Windows, Seemingly Concerned)

“Swearing at people, it’s a quirk. It kind of turned me on when I heard that the president gets angry and volatile, I’m not gonna lie,” Kennedy said. “If he’s throwing a few f-bombs here and there, I kinda like it.”

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