Walsh: Pro-Abortion zealots are sending death threats and wishing rape on my children.

Prochoicers by https://www.flickr.com/photos/jordanuhl/ is licensed under n/a
I have been outspoken this week (and every other week) in my support of the pro-life position. As I have explained many times, I am opposed to abortion in all cases, at all stages, for any reason, no matter the circumstances or manner of the child's conception. My reason, as I've extensively outlined, is that unborn people are people. All people, in my view, have inherent human rights. The right to life is first and foremost and can only be forfeited if a person becomes an active threat to another person, or commits a particularly heinous and violent crime. Since there can be no such thing as a punitive abortion or abortion in self-defense, all abortion is evil because all abortion kills innocent and defenseless people. That's my case, and the case of every staunch pro-lifer.

You can disagree with our case but if our "don't kill people" position sends you into a blind rage, that should tell you something about your own psychological state. Speaking of questionable psychological states, this week I have been inundated with hate mail from abortion supporters who are upset in general about my pro-life views, and in particular that I have the gall to suggest that the children of rape victims should not be executed for the crimes of their fathers. I have also pointed out that rapists use abortion to cover their tracks, which is a documented, self-evident, but apparently completely taboo fact.

Of course, I get hate mail all the time. Anyone who shares their opinions online gets hate mail. I won't bother sharing the hundreds of messages containing vile, vicious, but unfortunately run-of-the-mill insults directed at me. Instead, I want to show you some of the absurdly and graphically violent messages, not only threatening me, but threatening and wishing death and rape on my wife and small children. Please go to my Twitter to see the screenshots and the names and faces of some of these people. Here are some of the lowlights:

-"I'll rape your daughter and your wife then you tell me what you wanna do. You piece of sh*t..."

-"Wish I could punch your dumbass face in you f****n mook I wish rape upon every female in your family so they are FORCED to have a child."

-"Hope you daughter gets raped g"

-"I hope your wife and daughter are both brutally raped"

-"You are the best reason for abortion I have ever encountered. It is a crime that your mother failed to exercise her right...One can only hope that by some happening that error in judgment is remedied. This is not a threat but a hope, a wish, that you, and all who think like you do, are permanently silenced."
Prochoicers by https://www.flickr.com/photos/jordanuhl/ is licensed under n/a