Video Games Are Getting Re-Scripted By Leftist Translators

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There’s been much brouhaha over the attempt by woke editors and publishing houses to sanitize the works of Roald Dahl and Ian Fleming to try to make them more amenable to modern audiences. Leftists pore over pages of text to scour out any words or phrases that could conceivably cause offense to a fragile generation.

The world of gaming is also facing this censorious tide, but with an added level of woke shenanigans. Since many popular video games come from foreign markets such as Japan or South Korea, social justice-minded translators are literally changing the scripts of international games to push their own propaganda.

Importing a game from a foreign market often requires two steps: translation and localization. Translation is simply taking the foreign word and finding its closest English equivalent. But what happens when a translator encounters a joke that doesn’t make sense when literally translated to English?

That’s where a localizer steps in and attempts to massage jarring cultural differences into something more comprehensible. And it’s here where the left can do the most damage.

Video Games by JESHOOTS.COM is licensed under