TUCKER CARLSON: This is the reality about Ukraine's Zelenskyy

Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight. So you remember when Russia invaded Ukraine in February? And at that time, our leaders told us this wasn't some faraway conflict in Eastern Europe. This was our war. "No military should ever be allowed to invade a sovereign nation," they told us. Iraq and Afghanistan obviously not included in that rule. The invasion of Ukraine could not stand because it was a matter of first principles. But more than that, it was a world historic moral battle that we were obligated to join.

It was very clear. Vladimir Putin was pure evil. He was Hitler reborn. The Ukrainian president, Zelenskyy, was his mirror image. He was saint-like – self-denying, brave, honest, very handsome. And Zelenskyy was fighting for the very same ideals that our country was founded on. A number of news outlets, including CNN and the L.A. Times, compared him to George Washington. So they told us that with one voice month after month, no disagreement allowed. Not surprisingly, it worked. Americans fell hard for President Zelenskyy.