Will Trump Release His Taxes?

  • 05/04/2017
  • Press Corp
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Ted Cruz has issued a challenge to Donald Trump. Release your tax returns! Yesterday, the Texas Senator tweeted the following:

In February, Trump said he would "absolutely" release his tax returns, but that an ongoing audit prohibited him from doing so at this time. The National Review asks:

Well, is the audit complete? If not, will Trump at least release previous years’ returns? (The IRS has said that an audit is no impediment to public disclosure of a tax return; Trump’s lawyers may well be advising him to not release the returns for strategy purposes if he is being audited — but he is under no prohibition from releasing them.) Shouldn’t Republican primary voters not have to wonder if there are any bombshells in a prospective nominee’s tax returns — especially with regards to someone with famously, ahem, opaque business practices — before everything is settled? I filed my 1040. You filed your 1040. Your sister filed her 1040. Presumably Donald Trump filed his 1040. The ball is in your court, Donald: Release your tax returns.

We hope that in the interest of transparency, and putting questions to rest, that Trump releases his tax returns. Whether you support him or not, full disclosure by presidential candidates is an important, established part of the democratic process.

Source: National Review
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