Top Hunter Biden Prosecutor David Weiss, FBI ‘Constricted’ Internal Communications, Testimony Shows

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Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss and the FBI restricted information-sharing with former U.S. Attorney Scott Brady, who needed assistance from the Justice Department (DOJ) to maintain open lines of communication, according to new testimony.

Brady received support from the Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General’s Office (PADAG) to facilitate communication with the FBI and Weiss, according to a transcript of Brady’s testimony to the House Judiciary Committee reviewed by the Daily Caller. Weiss is the lead prosecutor in the Hunter Biden investigation.

“This is between David and me, between Mr. Weiss and me. He and I would speak on a semi-regular basis, but usually it was when certain issues would rise up to us that we needed to speak directly and resolved,” Brady told the committee. (RELATED: Biden Bribery Allegations Came From Credible FBI Source Used In Other Investigations, Former Prosecutor Confirms)

When Brady served as U.S. attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, he and Weiss spoke personally to share information regarding investigative matters. However, Brady faced challenges in getting the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office to communicate on a regular basis and needed assistance from the PADAG to facilitate discussions with Weiss, according to the transcript.

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