This Top RINO is Officially Voting For Hillary

  • 05/04/2017
  • Press Corp
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There are many principled conservatives who have decided they won't vote for Donald Trump. This isn't one of them:

A former top aide to Sen. John McCain says he will support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in November as both candidates appear close to locking down their parties’ nominations.

Mark Salter was for years McCain’s closest aide, serving as strategist, speechwriter, Senate chief of staff and biographer to the 2008 Republican presidential nominee. But now, Salter says he’ll break with the Republican Party if it nominates Trump and vote for Clinton instead.

“Basically, I think she’s the more conservative choice and the least reckless one,” Salter told MSNBC in an email. “[Trump’s] policy views are like some drunk’s rant. If he tried to do anything like he says he will, we’d have no allies, a lot more enemies, and more of them with nukes. Finally, he’s unfit for the office, too, temperamentally and morally, a narcissistic bigot.”

This is rich coming from a McCain aide. The Senator from Arizona, who is fighting for his life, has a penchant for calling for the commitment of American troops to a country almost any time there's the slightest global issue tangentially related to American national security, treating every foreign policy issue as a crisis situation worthy of a multi-billion dollar invasion. 

For his part, Trump has counseled a more restrained foreign policy that emphasizes deliberation and negotiation and calls upon other nations to defend their sovereignity. This isn't radical, it's common sense. 

What Trump is making clear is that for many establishment figures, conservatism is just a vehicle for the advancement of an expensive Wilsonian foreign policy. The preservation of gun rights, the protection of the unborn, and religious liberty aren't big in the Beltway, so if Hillary wins little changes for these elitists. 

The American people know better.

Source: MSNBC
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