The media is gaslighting America on behalf of antifa

Riots by Anthony Crider is licensed under CC BY 2.0
In a stunningly ludicrous op-ed in today’s Washington Post, Mark Bray, author of The Antifa Handbook, called upon readers to take sympathy with those rioters and vandals who have made their way from peaceful protests to violent, willful destruction. While Trump and Attorney General William Barr have correctly identified antifa as the culprits behind much of the horrific destruction that has brought over 40 American cities to their knees, Bray would have us believe that antifa are a harmless, barely affiliated group of do-gooders who are merely advocating for anti-racism. But he is lying.

Bray writes about antifa in lauding terms, bringing up the history of anti-fascism in Europe, launched almost 100 years ago, and speaking in glowing terms about their intentions toward anti-racism and ending police brutality. It is as though he believes that their intentions absolve them of their crimes. Bray’s history with antifa is one where he believes their good intents, and praises them. If he knows of their violence against journalists, their efforts to dox and antagonize member of the press, he ignores it entirely.

Journalists who focus on antifa are consistently slandered and attacked on social media. Andy Ngo, editor-at-large for The Post Millennial, Jack Posobiec, Elijah Schaffer, Mike Cernovich, and others are called ghastly names, are often subject to death threats, and sometimes even real-life violence for their attempts to show the world what antifa truly is. Ngo has been outspoken about antifa violence and thuggery for years at The Post Millennial and elsewhere, and while he has been derided for his efforts, he was telling a truth few other outlets would touch.

Meanwhile MSNBC and CNN sing the praises of these purveyors of street violence, even as they burn down everything of value around them. Mainstream media outlets justify their antifa advocacy by harkening back to the early days of anti-fascist resistance after World War II. They figure that if they say it was anti-fascists who combated Benito Mussolini General Franco, people will get on board this movement. But this is a baseless tactic to legitimize a movement that seeks to destroy property and upend civil life.
Riots by Anthony Crider is licensed under CC BY 2.0