‘Terror Campaign’: Trans Activists Push for Censorship of Discussions on Child Sex Changes

lgbtq march by Norbu GYACHUNG is licensed under unsplash.com
Transgender activists have accused Libs of TikTok and other prominent Twitter users of engaging in “terrorism” in an attempt to have them removed from the platform for criticizing child sex-change procedures.

Libs of TikTok, commentator Matt Walsh, Manhattan Institute senior fellow Chris Rufo, and activist Billboard Chris shared several publicly available documents and videos purporting to show that Boston Children’s Hospital was performing sex changes on minors, such as a video promoting “gender-affirming” hysterectomies.

Activists accused the accounts of “stochastic terrorism” and demanded Twitter take action to censor the conversation and take down their accounts.

“In the last 5 days, Libs of Tiktok has tweeted and retweeted 14 posts about Boston Children’s Hospital. As a result, BCH providers are being inundated in death threats and harassing calls and emails,” Alejandra Caraballo wrote. “It’s now affecting their services. This is stochastic terrorism, full stop.”
lgbtq march by Norbu GYACHUNG is licensed under unsplash.com