Ted Cruz makes AOC regret snarky comment about history of US political parties: 'Dem party founded the KKK'

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Rep. Alexandria Ocaiso-Cortez (D-N.Y.) received more than she bargained for on Tuesday after prompting Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) with a snarky remark about the history of political parties in the United States.

On Sunday, Cruz tweeted his belief that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be "ashamed" of the modern-day NAACP for having "lost their way." Cruz was responding to the NAACP's advisory warning against travel to Florida.

In response, political scientist Norman Ornstein charged that Cruz "would’ve been first in line to filibuster" the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act.

"Nonsense. That shameful filibuster was led by Democrats—your party," Cruz fired back. "My party—the Republicans—proudly voted for the Civil Rights Act in much higher percentages than the racist Dems."

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