Scientists bow to transgender activists once again

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Nature, one of the top-tier scientific journals in the world, published an editorial  last week requiring future study authors to consider how their findings "might perpetuate gender stereotypes" as part of the submission process.

Researchers must also acknowledge how sex and gender were accounted for in their study design and analysis, and if they weren't, they would have to explain why. This is with the goal of removing bias, and it applies to research involving humans, animals, and cell lines. But if you were curious about the journal's stance on other social justice-related hot topics, it has also issued guidance on implementing  intersectionality  during COVID-19,  geopolitics , and  systemic racism .

I agree that it is important to take sex into account when conducting research, as using men as a scientific baseline, as has historically been done, means that many biomedical findings won't be relevant to women. But because biological sex is verboten among transgender activists, an emphasis on gender identity must be even further prioritized.

Nature stated that studies should acknowledge both sex and gender, defining sex as a "biological attribute" and gender as " socially constructed ."
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