Brooklyn liberal tries to vandalize Confederate flags, forgets she's in South Carolina

  • 05/04/2017
  • Press Corp
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Liberals believe violence and vandalism are legitimate forms of political discourse.

Just don't try it in South Carolina.

A Brooklyn, N.Y. women and her father found out the hard way when he saw two Confederate battle flags during a visit to Charleston, and decided to vandalize them and assault the owners.

The Charleston Post and Courier reports:

The S.C. Secessionist Party was putting on its weekly display of Southern flags. A woman walking by broke two small Confederate flags off a parked truck and ran away with them, according to a Charleston police report. Party founder James Bessenger, 27, took off running after her.

A man stepped in front of Bessenger and kept grabbing him so he couldn’t chase the young woman, according to the report. Police were called.

Police identified the woman who broke off the flags as Lydia Folckomer, 22, of Brooklyn, N.Y. She told officers she grabbed the flags because they upset her.

The man who grabbed Bessenger was identified as her father, Paul Folckomer, 50, of Brevard, N.C. He told officers he grabbed Bessenger to keep him from chasing his daughter.

The pair spent a night in jail before posting bail.  They face charges of malicious injury to real property and simple assault.

Sorry, liberals.  Being "triggered" doesn't entitle you to go on a crime spree.

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