Religion will be a key to politics in 2018

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“It’s the economy, Stupid!” is a famous slogan reminding presidential campaigns that what drives voters is their pocketbooks.

There is truth in that slogan, but not the whole truth. People and politics are moved by many forces, and can be understood through a variety of lenses. Religion is one of those lenses. It is a powerful force in both national and international affairs.

Religion has become such an important player in world events today that even the U.K., a country ranked in the top 10 least-religious countries in the world according to Gallup (China is #1), decided that the BBC must increase its religious programming in order to more accurately reflect today’s reality.

Here’s what to expect in religion and politics in 2018.

Religious freedom will be a dominating theme in issues at home and abroad. In the West, the right to believe and express one’s faith is seldom a problem, but the right to ...

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