Physician Assistant FIRED After Reporting Adverse Reactions to COVID-19 Vaccine to VAERS

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100 Percent Fed Up – In 2021, Conrad began to notice that the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines were being ignored by fellow medical professionals and that her colleagues were hesitant to report them.

“After the vaccines came out, there was this uptick in unusual symptoms, some of which I had never seen in my 20-year career,” Conrad told The Epoch Times. “In every case, it was in somebody who had received the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Until the Covid vaccines were released to the public, Conrad had never encountered an adult patient with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Suddenly, patients were being admitted with RSV and, according to Conrad, “Every patient who came in with RSV was vaccinated for COVID. It wasn’t normal.”

Conrad also revealed that she saw children who had recently been vaccinated come down with intense cases of pneumonia who had previously been completely healthy.

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