‘People Have Every Right To Consider It’: Hillary Clinton Admits Joe Biden’s Age An ‘Issue’ For 2024 Campaign

President Joe Biden being 80 years old may present an “issue” in his reelection campaign, 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Sunday.

“His age is an issue and people have every right to consider it,” Clinton told Financial Times in response to a question about Biden repeatedly falling down stairs. The British business publication interviewed Clinton Sunday about Russia, China and the state of American democracy.

“But he has this great saying and I think he’s right. Don’t judge him by running against the Almighty, but against the alternative. And I am of the camp that I think he’s determined to run. He has a good record that three years ago people would not have predicted would have gotten done,” the 75-year-old former secretary of state added.

Hillary Clinton by Gage Skidmore is licensed under Creative Commons