Patients who regret sex-change ops, sue doctors pose legal challenges for health care industry

Surgery by National Cancer Institute is licensed under

Healthcare providers may think twice about giving young people puberty blockers or other drug or surgeries, amid growing litigation by former patients who desisted from gender confusion.

Two Californians – Kayla Lovdahl and Chloe Cole – are now suing Kaiser Permanente for "gender affirming" procedures performed on them as minors, alleging "medical negligence" and ignorance of a large body of research on the risks of medicalized transitions.

Preceding them last summer, Oregon's Camille Kiefel sued the mental health professionals whom she alleges rushed and falsified evaluations authorized her, as an adult, for a taxpayer-funded double mastectomy despite red flags in her mental health history.

Kiefel's lawyers told Just the News the suit was dismissed "on a technicality" in January but they are seeking to reopen it.

Surgery by National Cancer Institute is licensed under