Obama announces new federal controls on salt

  • 05/04/2017
  • Press Corp
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Further expanding his control over your daily choices, the Obama administration announced this week strict new limits on salt.

Under the new FDA standards, food manufacturers are being pressured to remove salt from your foods, stripping Americans' food of flavor.

Obama has imposed the federal controls on salt despite new scientific research showing it poses no major risk to Americans' health.

POLITICO reports:

The Obama administration issued sweeping salt reduction goals Wednesday for foods ranging from French fries to granola — a controversial move aimed at getting Americans to eat healthier.

The long-delayed targets released by the FDA are voluntary but put significant pressure on food manufacturers and restaurants to dial down sodium in 150 categories of processed foods. The policy, which is sure to meet fierce opposition from industry groups and lawmakers on Capitol Hill, is the latest in a series of government efforts to clean up America’s diet.

“The Obama administration has led many public health initiatives that will improve the way Americans eat for many years to come,” said Michael Jacobson, president of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, who has been on a crusade against salt for decades. “If industry takes these targets seriously, this initiative could have the biggest impact.”...

...The FDA’s sodium reduction goals — which public health experts believe could save thousands of lives even with a nearly decade-long phase-in period — is a particularly thorny issue for many food makers, which rely on salt for taste, texture and even food safety in some products. The idea is also increasingly controversial in the scientific community as recent studies have questioned whether Americans need to cut back on salt intake.

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