Newsmax sees ratings surge as Fox News bleeds viewers after Tucker Carlson ouster

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Fox News ratings have suffered in the wake of Tucker Carlson’s exit from the network.

According to Nielsen, Carlson’s last episode with Fox drew 2.65 million viewers, but Brian Kilmeade’s fill-in for “Fox News Tonight” fetched only 2.59 million viewers on Monday, 1.7 million on Tuesday, and 1.33 million on Wednesday.

Carlson drew about 3 million viewers on his last Wednesday with the network.

The decline affected Sean Hannity in the 9 pm slot as well. “Hannity” drew 2.5 million viewers on Monday, 2 million on Tuesday, and 1.7 million on Wednesday, according to Nielsen, but the Wednesday before, Hannity drew 2.6 million viewers.
Tucker Carlson by n is licensed under n