National liberal magazine issues call for mass violence at GOP convention

  • 05/04/2017
  • Press Corp
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In an op/ed for the national liberal magazine The New Republic, activist Michael Eric Dyson has issued a call for bloody mob violence the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

The Daily Caller reports:

Author and activist Michael Eric Dyson is calling on blacks to march on the Republican National Convention inCleveland with “revolutionary intentions” and preparedness for violence.

Mr. Dyson, a professor of sociology at Georgetown University, said it’s imperative for black people to rise up against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, as well as his supporters who are “driven by rage” that a black man is president.

“I know that these words can be read as a call to violence unseen at a national political convention since Chicago in 1968. So be it,” Mr. Dyson wrote Wednesday in an op-ed for The New Republic. “As Martin Luther King Jr. taught us, it is a risk we must take. We have a positive moral obligation to protest the nomination of this racist demagogue for president...

...some Americans — and I expect many of them to be black — will venture to Cleveland with pure hearts and revolutionary intentions."

Dyson refers to a speech in which King states "a riot is the language of the unheard."

But Dyson is lying when he claims King endorsed violence.  King's speech was a denunciation of riots and violence.

Not that the truth matter to liberalism.  Riots are not the language of the unheard, but bloodythirsy mob violence is liberalism's mother tongue.

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