Most people don't believe the government efficiently spends taxpayer money

Capitol, Washington D.C. by Harold Mendoza is licensed under

After tense negotiations for weeks, the House of Representatives passed the Fiscal Responsibility Act on Wednesday with a vote of 314-117. It was a rare display of bipartisan support in the nation's capital as 149 Republicans joined 165 Democrats to pass the bill.

But as Democrats and Republicans in Congress came together for this legislation, a new poll showed that most of the country doesn't trust the government to spend taxpayer money wisely.

Rasmussen Reports survey conducted in May revealed that 76% of the country is not sure that the government spends money "wisely and carefully." It included 62% of all respondents thinking the government didn't do taxpayers right with spending and 14% being unsure.

It's a sad commentary on the people's faith in government spending when nearly three out of every four people don't believe they are efficient spenders. Incidentally, this is a decrease from 2019, when 77% of people "didn't believe the government spent taxpayer money wisely and carefully."

Capitol, Washington D.C. by Harold Mendoza is licensed under