Men's Health mag mocked for article pushing inclusive term 'gynosexual' to describe people attracted to women

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People who are attracted to women or femininity may be "gynosexual," according to an article published in Men's Health Magazine last month.

"The number of terms and identities under the LGBTQ+ umbrella is ever-growing, allowing more and more people to describe their sexuality with words that make sense to them," the article began. "One word you may not have heard that is helping some people express who they are is ‘gynosexual.’"

The article is making rounds on social media after the outlet shared it on Twitter Monday, prompting backlash and making some people scratch their heads about why exactly the new gender-neutral term is being pushed to replace straight men and lesbian women.

Freelancer and sex educator Suzannah Weiss, who authored the piece, quoted sex educator Lilith Fox as saying the term refers to those who are "sexually attracted to the gender identity of the femme-presenting person they are attracted to."

Females by Adam Winger is licensed under