This major liberal city is making it illegal to refuse to hire criminals

  • 05/04/2017
  • Press Corp
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It will soon be illegal to refuse to hire criminals in America's second-largest city.

Los Angeles' liberal Democrat city council will soon pass an ordinance making it illegal for private companies to ask job applicants if they are convicted criminals.

So if you're a convicted serial bank robber, go grab that job application at Wells Fargo.

Thanks to liberals, not only can you be forced to cater a gay wedding, you now have to hire a serial killer to handle the knives.

The Los Angeles Daily News reports:

A Los Angeles City Council committee backed a plan Tuesday to penalize businesses that weed out applicants based on criminal convictions.

The rules are part of a law under consideration by the council aimed at giving former convicts a better shot at obtaining employment.

The Ban the Box ordinance, approved in concept last year by the council, bans private employers with 10 or more workers from asking questions related to an applicant’s criminal history before a conditional offer of employment has been made.

Employers also have to strip criminal history questions from job applications under the proposed law. The “box” refers to “check box” indicating a conviction on an application.

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